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Emule Sharing

eMuleeMule, the famous file-sharing application, is not illegal, even if it’s illegal to use it to download copyrighted material.

Anyway, it’s worrying to be spyied while we’re using it, and this is a concrete risk: a lot of fake servers were born in the last months, they are hiding themselves near “normal” servers, logging what users are downloading or sharing. This is a procedure to exclude them from the list:

1. Enter eMule Options, ”Server” section, and set these functions like this picture (texts can vary depending from the language and the version of the client):

Filtro Anti Spy Emule 1

2. Go to “Security“, activate the “Filter servers too” option, paste this address into the “Update from URL” field and click on “Load“:
(this is a spy-server list, frequently updated, by Bluetack, good eMule security site);

3. Now, click on the near “Edit” button: Notepad will start with, loaded inside, the filter file that we set; let’s scroll to the end of the text file and add (with simple copy/paste) the content of ”EneTec eMule IPFilter” Part1 and Part2, from the site (the “Part2″ file is distribuited in 2 versions, “Hi-performance” and “Hi-security”: you’ve to choose the one you prefer, as you can imagine the first one is more restrictive, but it will cause a small slowdown for performances of your eMule);

4. Save modifies and click on “Reload” button in eMule, still in ”Security” section. Then click on OK for the options.

5. The filter is now activated. A last tip to filter our actual server list, and to clean it: click on “Servers“, and then on a random server with the right mouse button, and choose “Remove All“. Now we’ve to paste, in the right column, after “Update server.met from URL” the address of one of the ready server lists, here there are someone of the most famous:
Of course, a click on “Update” is needed. The fresh list will be loaded and it will be automatically filtered, excluding the fake servers.

The procedures to improve your security using eMule are many more, but the target of this little article is not so extended. My invite is to search with Google to go deeper, and to read the guides and the information checks from the sites that I highlighted in the article.



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