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Easy Download Using Rapidleech

you can use this sites to download it for free premium passers,.,


I. What is Rapidleech ?

RapidLeech is a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as - The script transfers files from rapid share (for example) via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server.
The script was originally created by Vyrus who wrote the script in russian. The script then got modified by various people who then released copies, encrypted the source code and made so-called improvements.

Script Information:

:arrow: Easily transfer files from other servers to your server

:arrow: Requires PHP (no MySQL required)

:arrow: Currently works with: rapidshare, megaupload, MyTempDir,,

:arrow: Loading % transfer bar displaying speed, how much downloaded & % complete

:arrow: Cool user interface which runs on 1 php page

:arrow: Proxy support

:arrow: Send to email support

:arrow: Save in x directory

:arrow: File manager which stores info such as date added, comments etc.

II. Step by step process....

1.Find a Rapidleech server or make your own (Rapidleech server listed below)

2.Copy your rapidshare download link and paste it on the download link box in rapidleech.

3.Select any other extra options u myt want to set in the settings

4.Back to the Main Windows Tab and press Download File button

5.Insert the Verifycode if asked

6.Wait till the downloading is finished

7.After the download is finished go to Server files tab..the file u just downloaded should be there!

8.When it's successfully moved to the rapidleech...the file should start downloading as soon as u click on the link!

Thats how you use rapidleech....since there are many servers freely available on the net you can download as many as rapidshare files u want at the same time.

Rapidleech downloads are RESUME supported...and simultaneus downloads are possible...

III. Some Rapidleech Sites (Collected by me):

V2.3 plugmod

Premium Link Generator Services:


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