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Download Videos From Any Website Using RealPlayer

One of the most wanted tools for me was something to donwload any video I watch in a browser while browsing the internet. I didn't want to download using a software, then another software to convert it and play it. Fortunately I met RealPlayer, which allows you to download any video you watch on the internet with just one click.Here, I will tell you how you do that. First, download the free version of RealPlayer by clicking here. Then install it. Do not forget to choose the option "download with a click" through the installation. Then after your installation when you open a video from the internet within your browser, you will see a "Download This Video" button like the one in the below picture.
That's as easy as this. You may have some difficulty locating your downloaded files. You can find them in the Videos folder which RealPlayer Downloads folder rests in.


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