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How using this is magic spell? It’s easy, all you have to do is just install this mindset on your brain, and then success will follow you. Read 100 times everyday :)

Unfortunately this article is translate from Indonesian to English by Google translate, so I have to apologize if there any misunderstanding meaning.

Let’s get read..

I always think positive about myself, about others, and about whatever.

I always get obviously foster yen on my opponent talk, listening it enthusiastically, letting them talk about them self, correcting it and tries to praise it on the square and devout.

I am responsible full up self me, on what does I do and pickings up of what do I do.

What do I read, what do I study, what do I hear and all one happen at my peripheral up to that strong imbedded essential deep in my remembering.

I realize and is certain in my body kept by force and infinite intelligence, health, fruitfulness, wealth, happiness and any kind good one happens in MY body and think most compose its present blessing.

Money abounds in to my live. It continually is adrift and continually increase. I love it, liking it. If I utilize it, I take down it conveniently because it will be back in number which folded double.

Strong self-confident taste everlastingly implied deep in walks, speaking, sees and my behavior.

At deep self I am kept try a fall that greater of problem whatever that be I face.

I am what do I think up and be not what do others think up.

I will make believe others to me because I will believe to them and to thyself.

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