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Backup Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox profiles

Well, the question is simple and actually you can find the solution from Google but because always there somebody lazy and has not much knowledge about Thunderbird, so I post this. MozBackup, a backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird.
MozBackup is a software that can backup your emails, contacts, extensions, and Thunderbird settings into a single file. This file is transferable and you can restore your Thunderbird by using this file.

Let say if you want to format your PC and want to backup your emails in Thunderbird. Run MozBackup and it will create a file which contains your Thunderbird emails and everything you have ticked to backup. Keep that file in thumb drive and format the PC.

Next, after you have formatted the PC and when it comes to restore the Thunderbird profiles, just run MozBackup and choose that file to restore all the settings including the emails. It is so easy and everything is handle by MozBackup.

So, use MozBackup to backup your Thunderbird. MozBackup also can be used to backup Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird and Netscape profiles.

The price? Well…it is free.


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