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Experimental Minefield browser from Mozilla is crazy fast

Nope, it's not Firefox, and not Safari, though I've had flings with both in the past. Not Camino, not even Chrome.

My new thing is with Minefield, from Mozilla. Okay, so Minefield is essentially an early build of the next version of Firefox. But the latest version has a drastically improved Javascript engine under the hood. Is it fast? Let me tell you - it's crazy fast. In fact, Ars Technica is reporting that Minefield is 10% faster than Google Chrome.

Faster than Chrome, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and oh - it supports your Firefox add-ins, as long as you're willing to force compatibility using Nightly Tester Tools. Minefield is an alpha release, so it's likely to still be buggy. So far I've been lucky though; all of the add-ins that I've activated have worked fine right out of the gate.

Let me guess, you're in love now too, eh? Well, there's more than enough Minefield to go around. Go get some. Minefield, that is.

Me too.. I have try it, see the picture above.. Its really fast....

Minefield, from Mozilla choose installer

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  • wuah mas irwan thanks info terbarunya. saya sih masih pake firefox 3.0 dan sempet terombang-ambing mau pake chrome nantinya(final release). tapi sekarang mendingan nunggu minefield final releasenya aja. i'm in love with mozilla already

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