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Ebooks Blogger Template Design

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Using this guide 4
What you can learn from this e-book 4
Before you begin! 5 Chapter 1: Customizing
Fixed Width Templates 7
Making a new header for your blog 7
Finding the width of the header 7
Making your header image 8
Adding your header image to your blog 9
Header Image Generators 10
Using a background image 11
Choose your background image 11
Upload your image to the web 11
Adding the background to your template code 12
Highlighting the main section 13
Final tweaks to the fixed width template 15
Chapter 2: Customizing stretch templates 17
Creating a custom header for stretch templates 17
The best way to use a custom header for a stretch template… 17
Creating the custom header 18
Upload your image to Blogger 19
Blend the banner with the background of the header 19
Aligning the header banner 22
Remove the borders 23
Changing the background of stretch templates 23
Finding a good background image for a stretch template 24
Uploading your background image to the web 24
Adding the background code to your template 25
Tweaking the stretch template 26
Background Generators 27 Chapter 3: Customizing the
sidebar 29
Adding a background color to the sidebar 29
Adding background to the sidebar headings 31
Adding a border to the sidebar headings (or a line beneath) 33
Chapter 4: Buttons, Banners and Images 36
Making buttons with CSS 36
Give your links some class! 36
Add the class style to your template 37
Adding a mouseover effect 38
Clickable buttons and banners 39
Creating the code to display the image 39
Making the image become a link 40
Giving the image a simple mouseover effect 41
Aligning images in the sidebar 42
Resources for buttons and banners 43
Add style with post images 44
Uploading and aligning images 44
Finding great images for your posts 45 Chapter 5: Further
Resources 47
Blogger Buster Tutorials 47
Official Blogger resources 47
Other sites of interest: 48 About This eBook 49
Copyright Notice 49 Index 50


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