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How To Joining Friendster All At Once With Create Email

Owh I cant believe how could this be happen? That still many people who feel difficulty to joining friendster or another like hi5, yuwie, ojez, esnips etc...
I thinks this is my job to tell you how.. please follow this universal instruction.. from your highness the irwandiaz husen..
First create your email, you can use gmail from google or yahoo. for example here i use gmail, how? first open, then click on sign up then fill all the question and the your desire email address, after all click i agree button.
Now if all thing right, you can access your first mail by clicking I'm ready and show me my account. Congratulations you just have email.
Now part of how to joining friendster
open, fill the tab joining friendster, look at the picture example then click register.

You can skip all and click continue and then friendster will tell you that has been sent verification email
Back to your gmail, click refresh, open mail from friendster, click verify, usually it will open in new tab
Dada.. all have done, all you have to do now is explore all thing about how to make your profile friendster looking attractive by adding cool layouts, photo, your high profile etc.


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