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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, My Best Favorite India Movie Ever

I want all of you to know that this is only my favorite movie from Hindustan. 10 of 10 that's my rate for this movie.

Tagline: You know you're in LOVE when...

Banner - Dharma Productions - Yash Johar
Direction, Story, Screenplay & Dialogue - Karan Johar

Shah Rukh Khan (Rahul Khanna)
Kajol (Anjali Sharma)
Rani Mukherji (Tina Malhotra)
Anupam Kher (Principal Malhotra)
Salman Khan (Aman Mehra)
Archana Puran Singh (Miss Briganza)
Reema Lagoo (Mrs. Sharma)
Sane Saeed (Young Anjali Khanna)
Farida Jalal (Mrs. Khanna)
Johny Lever (Col. Almeida the camp manager)
Himani Shivpuri (Rifat Bi)
Parzun Dastur (Silent Child)
Neelam the VJ (Herself)
Chetan Motiwalla (Hippie - Lead Singer)

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai introduces us to Rahul and Anjali while they are in St. Xavier's College.
They are the best of friends, especially enjoying each other’s company in competition on the basketball court. Romantic feelings between them are dormant, until the principal’s daughter Tina comes from London and joins their little group. Overtime, Anjali seeing how much Rahul likes Tina’s style. Starting to feel left out, she tries to change her tomboyish ways and emulate Tina.

At the same time Rahul realizes he is falling for Tina, Anjali’s feelings for Rahul surface.They meet in the rain to tell each other how they feel. Rahul goes first, oblivious to the fact that his best friend has fallen in love with him and he dashes her dreams to pieces.

While he goes to tell Tina his intentions, Anjali realizes her love story will never be completed and she leaves college to go home, without telling Rahul.

One of the most poignant scenes of the film is showcased as Rahul finds out Anjali has left and rushes to the train station with Tina to find her. Even though he is in love with Tina, feelings for Anjali that he never knew existed well up within him. Yet in the confusion, he doesn’t understand that they are feelings of love for his best friend. Tina now realizes that she has come between the two friends.

Rahul and Tina get married and have a baby girl. Complications with the birth leave Tina only a few hours to live and she makes Rahul promise to call the baby Anjali. This scene andthe next few that follow are heart wrenching.

* KKHH won 50 Awards (FilmFare, Aashirwad, Bollywood, LuxZee Cine, National, Sansui,
Screen Videocon
* Love is friendship.

Must watch, even only once of a lifetime. Excellent super. Buy it.
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