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My IQ 139

True.. yeah i want, but after i try to take a test, my IQ is only 125, not bad nah cause i only take time 25 minute..
So i think there are still many people who do not know how much their IQ, including you maybe :)
Ok, for article this time, i want my visitor to take a little test for your IQ grade. The test is simple and the most thing that really help you is the test is unlimited time, so i hope you can grab your most high mark IQ. like me the very superior IQ :)
Now lets go, you can take the test here on or just type free IQ test than search by google..
For you who want game that could keep your brain always sharp, i have a good reference for you. the game title is brain tester 24 portable that you can search here on or you can search using google sure...


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