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How To be A Top Webmaster

I got Some tips For you.


Creating a successful and potentially flourishing website is not a walk in the park. It does take time, hard work, and a lot of thought. A website can be compared to a child. If you want to raise it to be a good child then it has to develop. In order to do so many steps must be taken and patience must be acquired. You need to learn how to function a website, how to engineer it, how to optimize it, how to rank it, how to get members, how to get quality, how to create ideas, and more things are yet to come. Everything seems so monotonous doesn’t it? Well that is what it takes to be a top webmaster.

Put your site in Web Directories, those are just like phonebooks but with use to your website. Find ones that have good Page Rank, which is ranked from 0 to 10. So a Page Rank 3 or higher will give you a decent backlink. Also to achieve a more eminence link there are more steps to follow. You have to find a website with a good niche; niche is defined in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world as a category in what your website falls into. Such as Google would have a Search Engine niche, MTV has a music and entertainment niche, Comedy Central has a comedian type of niche and so on and so forth. Next you have to do some research on the type of link you are receiving. This includes the four golden rules: pagerank, indexed pages, backlinks, and niche. It is mandatory if you want a quality link to find a website that has mastered those qualities. If you get a backlink that has a good PR but no indexed pages, and not the same niche, then there is not much use to it. If you have a backlink with indexed pages, but not the same niche and no pagerank, then it is not worth it. So it is necessary to find a website that has a link with those four qualities mentioned above. This is also helpful in the marketing world. People will try to sell links for a cheap price, and say they are quality, but without doing a background check (A good tool to use is Iwebtool) they might be just giving a poor link for a cheap price. I call those wasted links, they have little or no effect on your SEO. I bought quite a few of them, and had experience, and I now know which links are quality. Also it is always better to find a website that has less outbound links as well.

Another excellent way to acquire good links is to put your website in your signature. If it is a good website with the 4 qualities mentioned; pagerank, indexed pages, backlinks, niche (not necessarily niche required for this one) then you should go ahead and put your website in your signature. I can’t stressed this enough, people tend to not realize the important of this. It is always good as well not to simple place the URL but to provide an Anchor Text. This is a keyword, and will help identify your website! Also if you can’t afford to buy a link, it is always a good idea to exchange links with partner website (remember to follow the four golden rules). Be sure to do a link exchange with a SEO friendly website, not a bad one.

My comment to this article is: Success will come to people who really want, just like me :)


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