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Nanda's Island v1.0

Nanda's Island v1.0 | 17.5 Mb

A dry island somewhere in the vastness of the ocean has been completely deserted except for the young panda Nanda. After years without rain, all animals have left the idyllic island one by one.

Meanwhile, the whole flora has dried up. But Nanda refuses to give up and has made it his objective to save the island with his shaman's knowledge and transform it back into the paradise it used to be.

The young panda's specialty - alas, it is also the only ritual he has mastered yet - is his rain dance. With that dance he wants to supply the island with sufficient water. Unfortunately, the young shaman's abilities are still lacking in many ways, so he is only able to summon a rather small cloud so far.

The player?s mission is to help Nanda revive the island. To do this, Nanda summons at least one small cloud in every level which carries a limited amount of water.
The player has to draw or erase lines with the mouse that affect the water flow and guide the water drops exactly to where they are needed on all the areas of the island.

In order to finish a level successfully, it is necessary for the minimum amount of water to reach its respective destination.
Highlight: The Bonus Shop raises the value of replaying Nanda?s Island: the player can exchange so called Friend Coins on the merchant?s boat to make Nanda?s island even more beautiful and livelier.

Numerous solutions for each level
A wide variety of plants in high quality 3D optics
More than 40 different, hand drawn level backgrounds
A Perfect bonus in every level is granted, if it is finished with the highest possible amount of water
Friendship Coins allow a personal and individual design of the island with lots of animals
The player himself contributes to the island?s shape (level map): the more water he guides to the plants within a level the greener the island will become.


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